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今天的﹂凱撒 - 黎保利律師事務所」有一個專業團隊律師和講華語的員工日以繼夜地工作,在人身傷害領域提供最優質的法律服務。黎保利在華人社區的服務為他贏得了無數的榮譽和獎項,包括連續兩年被選為紐約州﹂超級律師」,被﹂新聞周刊」評為紐約市一個領先律師。在過去二十年中,黎保利曾代表遭受大範圍嚴重受傷、醫療疏忽、有缺陷產品、建造業工業意外、汽車事故和工傷、車禍受傷等的華人客戶,共贏得了400,000,000美元的賠償。


自1990年來,黎保利一直堅持初衷-﹂凱撒 - 黎保利律師事務所」仍然是專門代表紐約華人社區人身傷害事故受害人的首選律師事務所。黎保利以這個他出生成長的社區而自豪,以成為她在法庭上的聲音為傲。


Jim Napoli was born and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. When he was a child, the area was a dangerous slum with very few businesses and working families. During the late 1960s and 1970s as Chinese immigration to New York surged, Jim experienced first-hand the positive cultural and economic changes taking root throughout his neighborhood. Building after building was rehabilitated. Small businesses opened one after another where there had always been vacant storefronts. Jim saw the newcomers work hard, enduring crime and prejudice with a brave face. He saw families coming together to create a community where very little existed before.

Jim was amazed at the improvements the new Chinese immigrant population brought to the old neighborhood. When he attended New York University and later Brooklyn Law School he was proud to have a safe and vibrant community to call his home. As a young lawyer he stayed active in the downtown area working for local law firms. Later, when he was preparing to venture off on his own, Jim learned from his Chinese colleagues that the growing Chinese community in Manhattan still did not have adequate trial lawyers representing them in court. The language and the culture was deemed too difficult for most lawyers.

In 1990, after gaining considerable experience in the field of personal injury law and a reputation as a formidable trial lawyer, Jim opened a firm of his own in Chatham Square. He was determined to build a quality law firm dedicated solely to representing individuals in the Chinese community. He started with just a secretary and a translator, but almost overnight the Chinese community responded to Jim's hard work and the firm grew.

Today the law firm of Caesar & Napoli has a team of attorneys and Chinese-speaking staff working around the clock to provide top quality legal services in the field of personal injury. Jim has received numerous honors and distinctions for his work in the Chinese community, including being selected as a New York State Super Lawyer for two consecutive years and being named by Newsweek as one of the Leading Attorneys in New York City. Over the last twenty years Jim has represented clients who have suffered a wide range of severe injuries due to medical negligence, defective products, construction accidents, automobile accidents and injuries at work or home. He has earned over $400,000,000 in compensation for his clients.

Since 1990 Jim has stayed true to his initial aim. Caesar & Napoli remains the top law firm devoted solely to representing victims of personal injury incidents in the New York Chinese community. Jim is proud of the community he grew up in and honored to be its voice in the courtroom.
Areas of Practice: Personal Injury Litigation, Representing Seriously Injured Persons

電話號碼 (p): 1-888-235-6761
Additional Phones: 646-733-8050/800-945-0643

法拉盛辦事處: 42-78 Main St., #2B, Flushing (中信罰單內)

布碌崙辦事處: 6402 8 大道,303室 (請預約)

電子郵件 (e): dsong@caesarnapoli.com
營業時間 (Hrs):
星期一: 9am-6pm
星期二: 9am-6pm
星期三: 9am-6pm
星期四: 9am-6pm
星期五: 9am-6pm
其它時間請預約。可上門或至醫院探訪。 24小時緊急電話:646-733-8050
電話號碼 (p): 646-733-8050
電話號碼 (p): 646-733-8050
法律類別: 事故/傷害/死亡 Accident, Injury and Death
法律類別: 律師樓 / 律師事務所 Lawyer / Attorneys
法律類別: 移民法律服務 Immigration Service
法律類別: 醫療事故 Malpractice
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黎保利律師事務所 CAESAR & NAPOLI Attorneys At Law

黎保利律師事務所 CAESAR & NAPOLI Attorneys At Law — 法律&服務

Services: 法律服務
Specialties: 醫療事故 Malpractice 工傷補償 腦部損傷 脊髓損傷 車禍 交通意外 貨車 卡車意外 工作受傷 誤醫誤診
Business Types: 律師事務所 Law Firm
Number Of Locations: 2
Number Of Employees: 40
Service Area: NY NJ 紐約州 新澤西州
Time Zone: NY
Discounts: 免費諮詢
Year Founded: 1988
Languages: 國語 粵語 滬 福州話 英語
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